The 10 Spot #1: Jimmy Gunz

Anyone can talk sports cards on YouTube, but few do it as well as Portland’s own Jimmy Gunz.

Jimmy and his daughter Aspen at the Grand Canyon during their cross-country road trip earlier this year.

In the days of my youth, which are now a lot longer ago than I’d like to admit, I was a total and complete addict for anything related to comic books and baseball cards.

Of course, most boys in the 1980’s and 1990’s that I knew of collected baseball cards. It was a right of passage that also offered a lucrative reward years down the road. Only, that’s not what happened, as the overly mass-produced cards of that era became virtually worthless, causing the market to crash just as I was over the hobby in the early 1990’s.

Since then, my love for baseball cards remained, even as I ventured through my teenage and early adult years. I’d see a pack or a box here and there, and I make a purchase any time I needed a good old fashioned dose of nostalgia. I wanted to dedicate my free time to collecting, but, as a young father, I had very little free time…and even less disposable income.

As the years went by, and my kids got older, I would find myself dabbling more and more into collecting again, mostly buying packs of Tops Heritage cards and building sets, like the 10 year-old kid who spent every dollar of his allowance doing so with 1988 Topps…and Fleer…and Score…and…well you get the idea.

Then in 2019, with three of my five children fully grown and living on their own, I suddenly realized I had much more time on my hands, as well as cash in my bank account. I decided to get fully into collecting cards again, including making YouTube videos about collecting (a practice that had become huge in my time away from the hobby).

I also decided to go to Chicago for the first time, part much needed vacation, and bigger part first trip to the National Sports Card Convention.

It was heaven for sports card collectors, and while that part was amazing enough (I walked away with a Ted Williams autograph amongst other cool items), getting to meet some of my favorite baseball card YouTubers, who welcomed me into their community with open arms, was the highlight of the trip…with the possible exception of finally seeing Wrigley Field.

One of the guys I met, and have remained in contact with, is Jimmy Gunz. He’s a native of Portland, OR. He’s a huge guy who looks like he’d be one of the most intimidating guys in a barroom full of bikers. A bad ass who can drink most people under the table, Jimmy is a big teddy bear of a guy always trying to spread love and kindness wherever he goes.

In little more than a year, I’ve seen Jimmy do some great things on his YouTube channel, and so many random acts of kindness I’ve lost count. He even took time to give me a call at the beginning of the year when I was going through some personal stuff, something people I’ve know for decades don’t bother to do.

So I’d like to introduce you to my pal Jimmy Gunz, sports card collector, YouTuber, former MC, and all around great dude, as my first ever guest in “The 10 Spot”.

Lou: You’re one of the many sports card collectors who have turned their passion for collecting into creating content about the hobby on YouTube, including your very cool “Gunz Show”. Describe what you do on Gunz Show, and what ‘s a favorite moment or memory you have from the show?

Jimmy’s Gunz Show from Nov. 14.

Jimmy Gunz: My Gunzshow is a live sports card auction and hangout I do every Saturday night 4pm Pacific. I go live, people join in and I put cards up for auction. People bid in the chat. Its more than just an auction though. People hangout out, talk about cards in the chat and just have fun hanging out with other collectors. Sometimes I even bring people on live split screen to take a shot with me. Oh, and there’s plenty of drinking during the Gunzshow. I take a shot every time a card sells for 20 bucks. Favorite moment is any time someone buys a card for someone else. Its that hobby love im all about. 

Lou: You and I met in 2019 at The National Sports Card Show in Chicago. Was that your first time at the National? What are your favorite memories of the trip, and what, if anything, was your favorite purchase at the show?

Jimmy: Yes that was my first National. My favorite part of the trip was seeing Pepino Man in person and giving him a hug. Love that man! My favorite pickup would either be the “Pistol” Pete Rookie card or the Satchel Paige.

The 1953 Topps Satchel Paige card Jimmy brought back from last year’s National in Chicago.

Lou: The Youtube community for the hobby can be an interesting place, If you had to describe it to someone who has never experienced it, what would you say, and what three channels are must watch for a newbie?

Jimmy: There are so many different personalities on YouTube. Sometimes its hard being able to keep up with everyone. YouTube allows you to sub channels and custom tailor your timeline by hitting the notification bell on your favorite channels so you can see them first. The three channels I would suggest someone watch are Pepino Man, Baseball Collector, and Alpha Investments.

Lou: You’re a big Twitter guy. What do you think of Twitter adding stories to their platform, and will you call them by their given name, “Fleets”?

Jimmy: I honestly don’t like the idea. Social media can be an evil place sometimes. People shouldn’t be able to type something that erases itself in 24 hrs. If they make a bed with a thought on Twitter they should have to own it.

Lou:  Earlier this year you took a cross country road trip with your daughter. What was that like? Best and worst moments?

Jimmy:  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! True once in a lifetime opportunity we had to grab. 8k miles in 6 weeks with my best friend. It was scary. Took the trip during protests and covid but the trip was pretty much flawless. Favorite moment was Standing at the Grand Canyon with Aspen (Jimmy’s daughter). It’s just truly realizing how tiny we are and how short our stay is compared to the Earth’s history. Really makes you want to live every moment to the fullest. Worst part was our car breaking down in Idaho on the last day couple days. 

Lou: You shared pictures of a much younger Jimmy Gunz rapping on stage. Who is your all-time favorite MC, and is there any chance we ever see Jimmy Gunz rock the mic again?

Aspen (Answering for Jimmy): ABSOLUTELY NOT! 😂🤣😂

Jimmy: My favorite rapper growing up was Tupac.Shout out Eminem, Crooked i, Joe Budden, E-40 and Brotha Lynch Hung.

Lou: What is your favorite card in your collection? What is the most valuable card in your collection?

Jimmy: My favorite card is the 1of1 Yordan Alvarez Gold Vinyl RPA we pulled at ghe Grand Canyon. That is the most valuable to me.

Jimmy and his daughter Aspen pulling a super rare autographed card from a packet the Grand Canyon.

Lou: Are you concerned at all with how prices of cards have skyrocketed this year? What role do you think grading has played in the increased market value of cards, and are you afraid we might see another hobby crash like we did in the mid-1990’s?

Jimmy: The price increase is normal when more people get into something. Supply and demand. The hobby isn’t our little secret anymore. Trends are the bubble. People all of a sudden buying Soccer because its hot then prices tanking. Lots of people about to be left holding thousands in WNBA just watch. I think grading is important because it puts the same cards on different tiers due to the grade. Everyone hunting to pull that 10!

Lou: Here is a “Would You Rather” question: Would you rather have breath that smells like farts, or a laugh that sounds like farts?

Jimmy: You’re weird as fuck for even coming up with this question. I’d rather have a laugh that sounds like farts. I’d just never laugh out loud again.

Lou: Rank these musical masterpieces performed by actors:

Scott Baio – What Was in That Kiss?
Corey Feldman – Something In Your Eyes
Steven Seagal – Girl It’s Alright


1. Steven Segal (that songs actually lit!)
2. Corey Feldman Strictly because of the audience member looking shocked at how great he was singing when he’s clearly lip singing.                     3. Scott Baio there’s gotta be a 3rd.

 Honorable mention and a for sure #1 had it been on the list. Eddy Murphy “Party All The Time”!

That’s it for our first “The 10 Spot”. Thanks to my boy Jimmy Gunz for participating and being a good sport. Make sure to check out his YouTube channel, and follow him on Twitter @MRJIMMYBRO. If you have any ideas for guests who should be interviewed, or if you want to be grilled here in “The 10 Spot”, reach out to me on Twitter, @lou_cappetta.


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