Another Mediocre Podcast, Ep. 4: Glen Tickle

Comedian Glen Tickle joins the podcast to discuss his breakout comedy album Yes, Really, nerd nights, and how he is ok with destroying historical buildings if it means better parking at his favorite comedy venue. He also once did a show for all-you-can-eat hot dogs.

My 2017 IBWAA Hall Of Fame Ballot: Who I Did, and Didn’t Vote For

When I had my sports blog, one of the coolest things I did was become a member of the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America, or IBWAA. If you're unfamiliar with it, the IBWAA was established in 2009 by Forbes sports writer, Howard Cole. It's a really cool concept give a voice to those who write digitally... Continue Reading →

Another Mediocre Podcast, Episode 3: Jeff Pearlman

This week's guest is former Sports Illustrated writer, and New York Times best selling author, Jeff Pearlman. Jeff talks about the love/hate relationship he has with writing books, how he once hated, but now embraces his infamous 1999 interview with John Rocker, and that time he interviewed a Nazi.

The “Image” of My Youth

Most times when I talk about my childhood, I usually refer to my childhood dream being that one day I would be patrolling centerfield for my New York Mets. For the most part that's true, well at least partly. As a kid that never was allowed to play organized sports, for various reasons that aren't... Continue Reading →

The Rivethead … My Spirit Animal

College is meant not only to educate us, but also to open doors to things that we may normally have never been exposed to. It's probably why, for the majority of people, the college years serve as an epilogue for childhood, and a prologue to the inevitable drubbing the real world is waiting to give... Continue Reading →

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