The End Of An Error?

Bye Don…get it? Bye-Don.

Man, what a slow week it was. Not much to talk about, so I guess I’ll start with this election.

I’m kidding, of course, as the reality is that Election Night in America has turned into Election Week, and it has dominated every news cycle there is.

As I was writing this, around 11:25am Saturday morning, the election was called in favor of Joe Biden, making Donald Trump the third incumbent not to win reelection since Jimmy Carter.

We have heard very little from Trump in the last few days, other than him spewing twenty minutes worth of lies to the American people claiming that the election is being stolen from him through various methods of voter fraud.

None of his claims, and I seriously mean ABSOLUTELY NONE of his claims can currently be substantiated. If evidence does come to life, trump can, and absolutely should, pursue legal action. If there were evidence, however, I’m pretty sure a guy who was savvy enough o shock the world with his first Presidential win is smart enough to know that you take that evidence to court, not to Twitter.

If you want to believe Trump, by all means, go ahead. That’s your right. If you want to believe that grainy, unverified video on Facebook is legit even though it was shared with you rather than, say, Fox News, have at it. If you want to say that mail-in-ballots should not be counted, go for it. If you want to believe lies he tweets, even as Twitter flags his account at a rate greater than an undisciplined NFL team, do you. You are so invested in the candidate you support that you cannot be reasoned with.

Trump’s tweets are being flagged for inaccuracies and misleading information at an alarming rate.

In case you haven’t figured, I voted for Joe Biden. Last election I voted for Hillary Clinton. I think Donald Trump is a racially insensitive, boorish, narcissistic piece of shit, who only got elected because he openly appealed to the worst parts of us as Americans. I think he will eventually be looked at as one of the worst Presidents in the history of the United States, and that these last four years will go down as a black mark in our history.

I also believe, unfortunately, that had this election taken place in November 2019 rather than November 2020, Trump would have won reelection, possibly in a landslide.

In other words, if Trump supporters are looking to place the blame for what looks to be an inevitable loss in this election, they can look no further than Donald Trump himself and the way he dealt with COVID-19.

Not that I want to praise Trump for anything, but in all fairness, as we entered this year, his economy was doing really well. I won’t use the usual hyperbole that it was the best ever, and I have my own opinions on how sustainable it was, but, for the most part, fiscally the country was in a great place.

Money talks, and the economy can make or break a President’s chances at reelection. A great economy can do miraculous things, like make people overlook blatant lies, racism, and constant attacks on free speech and a free press. Shit, it even was enough to overlook the fact that Donald Trump came very close to inciting World War III.

Trump was smart enough to know that his entire reelection campaigned was riding on the economy. This pandemic destroyed that, and in my opinion, was a huge factor in why he denied the validity of the Coronavirus for so long.

Donald Trump knew long before the first cases hit our shores that this virus was not only real, but that it was easily spread, and deadly. There is evidence of that. Still, other than a travel ban, Trump not only did nothing to prepare, he told the American people that he had it under control, that it was nothing to worry about, and that it was a “liberal hoax”.

Even if you believe that his intentions were honorable and that he truly did not want to incite a panic, as he has claimed, the bottom line is, Donald Trump mishandled his first real presidential crisis to the tune of over 200,000 deaths. Like it or not, when people die, it falls on the the people in charge, and it sticks to them, sometimes long after they leave public office. It has happened to George W. Bush with the Iraq War, and Hillary Clinton with Benghazi. It’s the nature of the beast.

Now, before you start comparing Trump’s handling of this pandemic to the way the Obama administration handled the H1-N1 (Swine Flu) virus, just know that there really is no comparison. First, the mortality rate was much less (about .02 % for H1-N1 compared to about .65 % for COVID-19). Second, Obama declared the Swine Flu a national emergency and took action. He worked with The World Health Organization (which Trump withdrew from in the middle of a pandemic) and eventually creating The Global Health Security and Biodefense unit (which Trump disbanded). He did not question the science, make claims that healthcare professionals get paid more for increased infection numbers, or call the virus a “conservative hoax”. In fact, his administration left a “pandemic playbook” for future administrations to follow, Republican or Democrat.

Every single thing that has happened since, in my opinion, Trump owes to his shitty handling of this pandemic. Even those mail-in ballots that he loves to claim are corrupt, are only being allowed, for the most part, because there was increased concern about spreading infection in crowded polling places. Donald Trump would have rather made more people sick, or limited the number of votes than allow for mail-in ballots.

That is not a President to me. A real President wants Democracy to reign supreme, and actually demands that every voted be counted, because, every vote counts and every American’s voice should be heard.

Unless you used you vote on Kanye West. then no, your vote should not count and you should never be allowed to vote again.

Quick Thoughts: I love so many of the memes and posts that are on social media at the moment, but my favorite is the one trump supporters keep sharing telling us “They better not hear us complain…” about things like our stocks and 401K’s tanking and $5 / gallon gas. It’s laughable, especially since you can suck my dick I’ll complain if I want. Now go cry you fucking snow flake, hold this “L”, and go look for evidence of voter fraud on PJ Media.

Away from politics, if you have been reading since I returned to blogging the last few weeks, I talked about Craig Carton’s documentary and his possible return to radio. Well, it happed this week, at WFAN no less, as Joe Beningno retired, and on the heels of that announcement, it was announced that Craig Carton would fill his spot. I’ve had enough conspiracy theories this week for a lifetime, but its hard not wonder if Joe Beningno was pushed out so Carton could return.

Now that the election has been called for Biden/Harris, I think the real question on everyone’s mind is what happens between Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent? Does she hold up her campaign promise to take another hop on the “Magic Stick”?

More laughs in four years! YES!

Kanye West got something like 50,000 votes for President. And all I can ask those people is, “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Finally, I got sucked in to a weird rap beef a few months back, that reared it’s head recently. A “rapper” named Lil Nut dropped an album and had the guys at Not Ya Manz review it. I read the review and listened and then commented that the shit was trash. It was. Absolute garbage. Of course this young kid started talking shit to me, and I paid it no mind. As I’ve learned these last 4 years, you can’t argue with stupid. Well, this kid dropped a new album, Not Ya Manz reviewed it again, and this time it got a semi-positive review. Soooooo, of course, dude tagged me in it and wondered what I thought and called me a fat fuck or something. Since my words have obviously stayed on his mind, I said I would listen to it and give my honest thoughts while trying to keep an open mind. I will share my thoughts with an Instagram video so make sure you check out @loucappettashow on IG (and @loucappettashow and @lou_cappetta on twitter).

Thanks everyone. See you next week.


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